Message From Ambassador TANAKA

Message From Ambassador TANAKA

My name is Satoshi Tanaka, Ambassador of Japan to Zimbabwe. This November 2022, it is just coming up to two years since I arrived here in November 2020.
I remarked in my previous greetings how pleased I was that my name “Tanaka” is a popular name here in Zimbabwe, and means “we are good” in Shona. Though it has been two years since I arrived, I still enjoy the surprise people have when they learn my familiar name. And when I explain the Japanese meaning of this name, which is “middle of the rice paddy field”, people become even more surprised and interested! Maybe this is because Zimbabweans have an image of Japan as a country with world-leading technology, rather than many paddy fields!
Looking back over the past two years, I think the biggest challenge we faced was the spread of COVID-19. Around the world, many people lost their lives and economies were severely affected. Zimbabwe’s economy and society were not spared either, as a result of the strict lockdowns following waves of infection. And for our Embassy, as well as others, diplomatic activities were severely limited. I am very glad that both economic and social activities have returned to normal, thanks to the stable COVID-19 situation these days.
In August this year, the Eighth Tokyo International Conference on African Development, or TICAD8, was held in Tunisia. The aim was to discuss Japan’s cooperation with Africa, such as the realization of more resilient societies and economies. As well as being affected by the recent global economic challenges, Zimbabwe is facing its own economic difficulties, such as depreciation of the currency and inflation. However, it goes without saying that this country has a lot of potential in terms of agriculture, mining, tourism, human resources, and so on. Of course, we would like to see the country realise its potential, and we will continue to support sustainable development in our unique way. We will also continue to promote investment in this country by Japanese private companies.
I am pleased that people-to-people exchanges between Japan and Zimbabwe have finally resumed, and opportunities have been increasing step-by-step. The news that Zimbabwe’s first satellite was launched into space caused a lot of excitement here. It was developed by Zimbabwean students studying in Japan, and was launched through the cooperation of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and NASA.
Personally, I will continue to promote our bilateral relationship in various fields, such as politics, economy, culture and tourism.
Thank you very much! I look forward to further opportunities to interact with you!
November 2022
Ambassador of Japan to Zimbabwe
Satoshi Tanaka